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Prof. SekharProf. Jaya Sekhar from Bangalore ist a very experienced and well-know Vedic AStrologer. He is Author of the boos "The best Best", which deals with Compatibility in Vedic Astrology. He has agreed to teach a Webinar for our students and to share his knowledge, wisdom and experience with us.


Prof. Sekhar has been traveling to Europe for the last 20 years or more and he knows western society and issues well. Having been brought up in a Vedic tradition, he knows the gap between vedic classics and our present situaiton. He has promised for this Webinar to translate the classical statements regarding Kutas etc. into our modern language.

The topics are:

1. Mars the maker and breaker of relationships and when it strikes.
2. Moon the planet of the mind that fetters your Free Will creating conflicts.
3. Nakshatras-the forces at the subconscious level that affect relationships.
4. Remedial Measures - Invoking subtle energies
This webinar will be held in english and traslated into German. Our american, dutch or english students will have to put up with the translation and therefore have a discount on the fee (20% off).

Start: Thursday, the 1st of November at 16.00 PM CET, 7.00 AM PST, 10.00 AM EST

Duration: 4 classes of 1,5 hours each

Price: 80 USD or 65 Euros


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