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Nicholas & Gudrun

It is not without reason, that Indian Astrology is often called "Moon-Astrology" and if you really want to understand the complexities of someone´s personality, you need to unterstand his or her Moon in all dimensions. We would even go so far as to claim, that sometimes the Moon holds the key to subtle and apparent issues in someone´s relationship, job, health and other areas of life.

Over the years, we often wondered, why a considerable amount of importance is attached to the lunar yogas in the classical literature although still many comtempory astrologers seem to neglect them in their practical work. 

If you want to know how to apply these Yogas most effectively then this  Seminar could be a good opportunity to increase your astrological skills.


We shall cover the following topics:

  • Anapha , Sunapha and Kemadruma Yogas.
  • Brightness or darkness of the Moon.
  • Mental stability on the basis of Sign and House positions:
  • Relevance of Chandra Lagna Chart.
  • Indications of mental instability.

This seminar will be held as a Gotomeeting Webinar by Nicholas and Gudrun Lewis. The time has been carefully chosen to allow participants from different timezones to take part. The classes will be recorded as videofiles and the Downloads will be made available.


Start: Saturday, the 17th of November at 18.00 PM CET, 9.00 AM PST, 12.00 PM EST

Duration: 4 classes of 1,5 hours each

Dates: 17th of Nov, 24th of Nov, 1st of Dec, 8th of Dec.

Costs: 60 Euros or 75 USD for all 4 classes together, payable by Paypal or banktransfer


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