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Do you have to make an important decision or are you trying to find an explanation for certain circumstances in your life? An astrological analysis can always give you a fresh perspective on things and help you understand, how certain influences can shape your experiences.


Astrological consultations are an important part of our work. Our clients over the last years have been giving us positive feedback, telling us that they feel we are addressing the issues and needs important to them. We’re always working in a way that tries to focus on these issues, helping to solve them. Our consultations can either be done in person, via video-skype or over the phone. We have good international call rates and are happy to call you.

This is only to give you a brief overview. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. Sometimes people might hesitate to work with an astrologer, but you will find that the reasons for these hesitations have little to do with reality.




Detailed Analysis of your Birthchart

The analysis of the birthchart always involves talking about the most important aspects of life, such as relationship, health, career and children. The focus of the analysis can vary, always according to the specifics of the birthchart or a client’s questions.

90 Minutes - 160 Euros


Relationship compatability

In order to do an accurate analysis of a relationship, we always look at the charts of both partners. We then look at the important aspects arising from these charts and are able to tell what causes friction in a partnership from an astrological point of view. We have experienced that even couples who had been stuck with certain issues for years have gotten valuable advice from us.

90 Minutes - 180 Euros

60 Minutes - 120 Euros


Muhurta – Finding the most auspicious moment

No matter what you are planning – a wedding, surgery, moving house or starting your own business – choosing the most auspicious moment can make all the difference. We help you to find the best date possible.

60 - 80 Euros


Please send an email to info (@)



Astromedical Analysis

This analysis focuses on your health and it makes sense to ask for an astromedical analysis while you are still healthy. We help you to identify your weaknesses and to react in a preventive way.

60 Minutes - 90 Euros



Annual Forecast

Many clients ask for an annual forecast on the most importatn topics of the upcoming year - ideally on your birthday. For new clients, the tariff is 120,- Euros. Please use the button und "General Analysis - 1 hour new client" for payment.

60 Minutes - 90 Euros



Choosing a career

Especially young people are often interested in this kind of analysis, where we don´t analyse the entire chart but give important, individual advice on what career path they could chosse on the basis of there talents as they appear in the chart.

60 Minutes - 90 Euros



For more details you can always send us an email or ring us under +49-6731-9995657.



Recording: All our consultations will be recorded and sent as Mp3 file by Hightail or as CD by post. But please note, that we can´t guarantee the sucessful recordings at all times. Technical issues or equiment failure can happen, although this hardly ever orrurs and we are not obliged to deliver a recording. You are welcome to do your own recording.

Short Written Consultation

If you have a specific question concerning a certain area of your life, I am happy to answer it in writing. This gives you the advantage of not having to wait for an appointment for up to four weeks. If you would like to book a short written consultation, please send me a short e-mail with your question and I will do my best to respond within a week, taking into consideration your birth chart, your annual forecast and the question chart.


Repeat Customer: 50 Euros
New Customer: Upon Request

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